Cryptid King Creations

Welcome to my page!
I'm a freelance digital illustrator that focuses on character/creature creation/art. However I have been known to dabble in environments, music covers and body modification designs. Ranging from concept sketches to fully rendered advertisements, I can cover a wide variety of needs for all occasions.
So with that, let's get down to business!

I'm Samson (He/They)A queer artist with a claw in every creative pie! From voice work, radio dramas, visual novels, webcomics, story crafting, D&D, years of cosplay experience, audio editing, prop work, practical effects, special effects make-up and so much more! I have a lot to offer and plenty of ideas to bring to the table.I hope to always be learning new methods and techniques to add to my arsenal. Hoping to bring all of my knowledge to the next steps in my life, where ever it may take me creatively!

Simplified Price List

Base minimum starting prices

Flat colors$70$90$100 
Addt'l Characters*+$20-$120   

(*) Added to base price
Complexity effects all prices
GIF's are exclusive to one character only
GIF's are sketch/lineart/flat color only
Please feel free to explore my galleries before deciding
If you enjoy my work ethic and skill, I welcome tips!